Getting a Free Web Counter for Your Website

Have you ever wanted to know just how many visitors you have on your website? If that's the case you should get yourself a Free Web Counter.

What kind of counter should you choose? Well this is pretty much up to you and your needs of information. If you want a lot of statistics about your website you should look for an advanced tracker, but this kind of information is unnecessary for smaller websites and/or blogs without commercial interest. You will soon get tired of wading thru all the information that is provided, and above all, these trackers are not always given to you for free...

If the main reason is just to know how many visitors you have, and in some cases also show to your vistors how many people that have seen the site, a simple Free Counter is all that you need.

Most counters gives you many different styles to choose from, so that it can easily blend in with the rest of your site. This is an example of a Free Hit Counter with many different styles available when you sign up.