Better Placement in The Search Engines

In todays competative Internet Marketing arena it pays off to do some proper Search Engine Optimization when launching a new site. For most website owners, the world of the search engines are completely new, besides their everyday searches.

Link popularity is an important factor in todays search engine world, it is not only the number of incoming links that are important it is also the linktext they are using and the relation in theme to your site that matters. Here's a useful Link Popularity Tool that let's you check the numbers of websites that are linking to your website.

You should always try to use your most important keywords in the linktext when someone links to you, but remember to use different combinations so that you wont be penalized for over optimization. Another important factor to consider is the text present at your site. Altough a flash site can be nice looking, it wont attract the search engines. The search engines needs visible text present at the site to feed them with keywords. Meta Tags are not as important as they used to be, but you should at least use a description that includes your most valuable keywords.

If the challenge to do your own SEO is to big but you still want to be listed high in the search engine result pages there are Search Engine Marketing companies that can do the job for you.