Web Directories and What They Can Do For You

What can a web directory do for you?

Well, if you are a searcher a well edited web directory that includes thousands if not millions of links can be of much value since these links are (hopefully) reviwed by a human to ensure the quality of the listed websites. Fact is that a directory does not deserve to be called a directory if the sites are not reviewed by a human before they get listed.

But are there other benefits of a directory? Yes, if you are a website owner and would like to advertise your site on the Internet, directories are a great start. The logic behind this is that each link in a directory will help you boost your search engine rankings, especially if your linktext includes your most valuable keywords.

There are thousands of directories out there, what should I look for before I add my site? You should look for a few things.

1. The age of the directory, the older, the better, if it is an old directory, chances are they will stick around and your link will not go away.

2. If it is a Human-Edited Web Directory, to ensure the quality of the links, so you wont waste your time submitting to a link farm.

3. The Google Page Rank of the directory, the higher, the better.

4. Category structure, altough many people doesn't care about where in the Internet Directory there site is placed as long as the Google PR is high, they are wrong. You should aim for directories that have specific categories that your website belongs to since that would give you a themed link wich is better for search engines. A site about soccer should not be listed next to a real estate site, that looks just like a link farm in the eyes of a search engine.

Examples of categories in a General Web Directory:

You will find hundreds if not thousands of free directories wich can be a nice start to submit to, but in the long run it will be better to submit to well promoted paid directories since the link will give a better value and probably remain for a longer period of time.